WORMSKIN #2 now available in PDF

The hour is upon us!

Issue 2 of the world's most popular Dolmenwood zine: Wormskin.

Its 46 dewy-moist pages feature:
  • An introduction to the High Wold, the south-westerly corner of Dolmenwood. 
  • Descriptions of the seven hexes clustered around the village of Lankshorn. 
  • Details of the most signifcant people and places in Lankshorn, including: the Hornstoat's Rest inn, the fairy-blooded bladesmith, the Man of Gold Apothecary, the Church of St Pastery. 
  • Tavern fare generator. 
  • Psychedelic compounds generator, including details on buying, selling, and manufacturing. 
  • Seven new monsters: addercorn thralls, barrowbogeys, bog zombies, longhorn goatmen, shorthorn goatmen, nightworms, witch-owls. 


(PDF only for the moment. The print version should be ready to go next week.)


  1. Replies
    1. It's in layout at the moment. I'd estimate that the PDF should be ready within 2 weeks, then the print version 2-3 weeks following that.

      Issue 3 is looking like it'll be around 60-something pages, so again significantly larger than the previous issue!