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  • TBA -- An adventure situation for LotFP with my Continental accomplice Gavin Norman. Something short, a silver plate bearing an assortment of appalling delights and beautiful grotesques. It will not transpire in the same world as DOLMENWOOD -- being grounded in the early Modern weird-Earth setting of other LotFP modules. I'm still going back and forth in my mind about what format/style the map will take.
  • DOLMENWOOD CHARACTER ARCHAICS -- A sourcebook of N/PC races/classes native to the DOLMENWOOD setting. With Gavin Norman, Matthew Adams (interior art) and Andrew Walter (cover art).
  • HOLMESIAN CAMPAIGN CYCLOPEDIA -- A glossary of info on Dr Holmes' home campaign(s) sourced from MAZE OF PERIL, his short stories in A&E and DRAGON and his non-fic work FANTASY ROLE PLAYING GAMES. It's going to be a free PDF and a low-priced POD offering. I'd like to do it in hardcover possibly. 
  • TBA -- A book of magic (possibly) with the author of the Chthonic Codex, Paolo Greco.


Underworld Lore | Passages from the Vermeil Cacodoxy

vermeil (adj.) "bright-red," late 14c., from Anglo-French and Old French vermail, "bright-red, scarlet, crimson" (11c. in Old French), from Late Latin vermiculus "a little worm," specifically, the cochineal insect from which crimson dyes were obtained (comparekermes), in classical Latin, "larva of an insect, grub, maggot," diminutive of vermis "worm." As a noun in English from 1590s.

cacodoxy (n.) late Greek kakodoxia heretical opinion, from Greek kak- cac- + -doxia (from doxa opinion, from dokein to seem). First known use in 1716.

A cryptical work that is part-grimoire, part-liminal-tunnel to a dismal sub-world called Riddle. The longer one spends mulling over the book's contents, the closer Riddle encroaches on the reader's reality -- until finally there is only Riddle-town, and Riddle-town is all that ever was.

The Cocodoxy's text is a patchwork of aphorisms, cabalistic formulae, unfinished sonnets in odd meter, unknown symbols and the sporadic appearance of pressed insects that are somehow exotic and yet deeply familiar to the percipient. Some passages seem to describe the reader's most fragmentary, half-obliterated memories in clinical detail. Other sections instill a profound and unidentifiable emotion that denudes the external world of its surface-reality and reveals the moist and undulant ghost-flesh that glistens beneath. This is the arrival of Riddle.

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Underworld Lore | G+ Community

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PETTY GODS | Re-Revived!

Big ups to Richard LeBlanc at New Big Dragon! He has singlehandedly rescued the PG project from its vicissitudes. Click on the graphic above to read his official announcement. We're looking at a 300+ page tome, kids! Richard brings classy design skills, boundless energy and his own old school-styled artwork to this cyclopedia of godlings. 


We need more artwork to make this thing happen. If you've got the skills and the time and the divine inspiration, contact Richard post haste: pgart (at) newbigdragon (dot) com



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KICKSTARTER | Assault on Fortress Moon

So this looks absolutely amazing:
A strategic tabletop wargame where retro scifi miniatures fight for control of the Moon! Will the Earth Forces conquer or be defeated!

The want is strong!