Original Petty Gods FREE PDF

Here it is -- the long-believed lost version of PETTY GODS designed by Peter Gifford and edited by James Maliszewski of Grognardia! To keep things straight, we're officially dubbing this "OPG" -- Original PETTY GODS -- while the ongoing book project I'm editing will hence be known as "XPG" -- Expanded PETTY GODS. 

Click on the cover to download the PDF


  1. You all are really setting the standard for execution in collaborative game creation. Congratulations!

  2. Great to see this released. Very good of Peter to make it available. I'll be sure to get bound version of this made up, while I'm waiting for the XPG edition.

  3. This alone is a real achievement, and what a turnaround! Well done everyone involved and thanks very much.

  4. Most, most excellent! I am glad to see that my contribution of Mosht Al Blopp (petty god of fetid pools) made it into the final publication. (If there is ever an edit, or second edition, can I ask to have my name spelling corrected?)

  5. YES ! Thank you - my contribution E'rsae was lost to laptop theft and I couldn't remember what I'd written - and now she turns up with a spiffing Zak S illustration - MINT !- please use in the expanded version if you want :)

  6. This is an epic plus for the OSR, a fantastic community project

    Well done to all involved

  7. Thank you for making this happen! I've been looking forward to this for so long!

  8. How awesome! Now the bar has been set for my contribution to XPG. Totally nervous!

  9. Great!

    But I noticed some things that can be corrected in a "2nd edition":

    - Is lacking the name in Harbordorim's description;
    - The Khaldranath illustration is covering the text;
    - The reaction modifiers of Seshati Pyhatia are in the beginning of the text ;

    - Gnunnug don't have an illustration;
    - Qualdoni don't have an illustration;
    - Tyop don't have an illustration;
    - Whisper Will don't have an illustration;
    - Zirkonia don't have an illustration;

    1. I have most (if not all) of the missing illos. Will try my best to edit the hell out of this thing. I have an army of proof readers as well.

  10. This is madness! Now I can have properly Lankhmar style Street of the Gods.

  11. Awesome! Thank you for putting this together.


  12. Hey, wow, rad, I had no idea this was even going to happen! It's really cool to see it come to fruition. It looks like there's an error on Harbordorim's page, however... his name is removed from the "Name" spot in the stat block.

  13. Great stuff!
    Petty Gods Foods news?

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