Minion Concept: Corrupted Elemental

Godlings of particularly pure alignment can rub off on true neutral servants like elementals. A godlet of unfaltering, malign chaos, for example, could unintentionally affect the physical structure of a fire elemental through proximity alone, turning it into a bestial, burning green gas.

Missing Gods

Some Notable Vacancies in the 
PETTY GODS meta-pantheon
(Call dibs in comments)
  • Hypnotic/hypnogogue goddess of Nostalgia and Dream-Paralysis 
  • Medusa-Goddess of Sexual Love and Fear (based on goddess on Thomas Denmark cover)
  • Lycanthropic goddess who transforms throughout the year according to Lunar cycles -- from benevolent mother-figure to flesh-hungry she-beast
  • Norn-like trio of goddesses -- mother, maiden and crone (your take)
  • Dual-sided goddess -- one-half very wise and old, other half very young and instinctual/intuitive -- could be two heads at either ends of a serpentine body
  • Lilith-like goddess of the night

Oh, and who are these guys? 

Petty Gods: Places of Power

Something for your consideration:

  • A section of PETTY GODS devoted to places where divine beings tread
  • Each entry includes a 5-mile hex map (think Wilderlands-style area maps) that includes your locale and a few points of interest in the surrounding area. The goal is to be able to just drop each area into a campaign with little or no need for re-terraforming someone's campaign world.
  • These could of course be crazy lairs -- some cruel god's Fortress of Infinite Sorrow for example -- but they also could be important Neutral grounds, where two or more gods might appear to conduct business or hold counsel. There's usually some node of magical power involved, I would think. Ley lines are optional.


More Rose Turner Art

This is another Rose and Logan Knight co-creation called the Turquoise Idol of Communion. It will be appearing in PETTY GODS Expanded. Check out their work on the Divine Worm too.

Petty Gods: Shuffling, Expanding Content

Be it known that -- with the upcoming release of Original PETTY GODS [OPG] (edited by James Maliszewski and designed by Peter Gifford) on April 1st -- I have begun to reassess the contents of our own Expanded PETTY GODS [XPG].

  • While some of the gods from OPG will be found in XPG, I want the content of OPG and XPG to be distinct. So a number of my favorites from OPG will find their way into the new book, and the rest will be particular to OPG.
  • Another advantage of this decision is that it will create MORE ROOM FOR THE NEW STUFF that is accumulating. That's exciting because I'd love a whole section devoted to the Cult of the White Shadow (thanks again, Chuck).
  • I may un-brick the gate for new deity submissions soon.
  • Random item ideas I would like fleshed out and submitted (call dibs in the comments): 
(1) Unicorn horns -- powers vary by color of unicorn --
white, gray, black, rainbow

(2) Eidolons (radiantly magical stone figures)
of fear, hate, sleep, and illusion

(3) Masks that alter the personality of the wearer
irrevocably in exchange for power

Petty Gods: Updated Guidelines & Deadlines


Friday May 31, 2013


Sunday June 30, 2013

Ho! Writing Men/Women
Here's what I'm looking for:
  • MINIONS: A short write-up -- preferably with stats (1st Ed AD&D is fine if you don't have LL or ACKS) of a servitor race OR a unique henchman who would serve a (specific or non-specific) petty deity.
  • DIVINE ITEMS: A short write-up concerning a weapon, tool or non-living servant that might belong to a petty godling. Please include alignment; uniqueness/rarity rank (ie: is it Unique, Very Rare, Rare, Uncommon or Common by mortal standards); Saving Throw equivalent (eg: Magic-User 17); and XP value.
Ho! Drawing Men/Women
Here's what I'm looking for:
  • Artists who would like to draw an assortment of gods, two at a time, selected by Gorgonmilk based on your preferences.
  • Artists who like to doodle weird landscapes that would look nice scattered throughout the book.


Greg Gorgonmilk
flowthrake AT gmail DOT com

Petty Gods: Giant Zombie King Challenge

He's a magical giant zombie king. Tell me about him.

You know the drill:


Petty Gods: Black Unicorn Challenge

I've been poring over our petty godlings on a daily basis and I haven't noticed a Unicorn God yet. I imagine this fella as night-black and worshiped by Amazons, Shield-Maidens and precocious Virgins. 

Comment here first and he is yours!

Guillermo Del Toro

...He's probably super-busy, but I imagine he would be really into what we're doing with PETTY GODS. Worth a shot, right?

Petty Gods: Confusion Diffusion

The version of PETTY GODS being released on April 1st is the Original PETTY GODS [OPG] that James M and Peter Gifford were working on up until James dropped out of the OSR scene.

The version we are working up presently is an expansion of the work above that we can call Expanded PETTY GODS [XPG]. XPG will have additional sections for Minions, Divine Items and a whole slew of Easter Eggs. Consider it a second edition of OPG.

The Renaissance Will Not Be Televised

Updated cover for PG:

Nyumbani wiki

Here's a great mini-guide to Charles R. Saunders' Nyumbani setting. (Wouldn't it be sweet if he gave us permission to do a Nyumbani Campaign Guide?) 


Petty Gods: Update 10


First, the Original PETTY GODS is slated for PDF release on April 1st, courtesy of Peter Gifford! Peter is finishing the final edits right now. Stay tuned!

Second, some guy named James Ward has signed on to our project. James who, you ask? Only the guy that authored TSR's DEITIES & DEMI-GODS (among a veritable ton of other great work)! How awesome is that? We've got Ward and Jaquays in the same book again! The stars are quickly coming into alignment for PETTY GODS.

James Ward

Re(Elf)quest: Contact info for Wendy Pini

If you know where I can find Wendy's e-mail, please send the deets to

flowthrake AT gmail DOT com

I don't have an IMDB account, but if you do that might be a place to look.

Wendy is probably best known for being the co-creator of ElfQuest and looking really hot in chainmail bikinis, but she also did some awesome design work for an Elric movie that never quite happened.

Petty Gods: Who Will Be Our Next Celebrity Guest?

Michael Moorcock and Charles R. Saunders are in. But who will the next celebrity author be? And will Gorgonmilk be able to keep it a secret?


Petty Gods: Update 09


I don't want to exhaust you grognards with too much more positivity, but I've just heard from CHARLES R. SAUNDERS -- creator of Imaro and Dossouye, two sword & sorcery heroes for the ages -- and he is preparing a DEITY and her MINIONS for PETTY GODS!!!

Needless to say, the OSR is proud to have this S&S giant be a part of our project, and Gorgonmilk may have finally lost his mind from over-stimulation! Wow what a week it's been.




The Reward from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.
Thanks to LOGAN KNIGHT for the video linkage!


Coming Soon

Petty Gods: NEW! CROMTEST!

UPDATE: James Mishler stepped up. May he solve the Riddle of Steel and deliver CROM unto us.

Hey I was going over the gods, guys, and I just noticed something. There's

"My whole worldview is collapsing!"

"This means nothing to us!"

Here's what must be done:

First person to e-mail me a message with BY CROM in the subject gets dibs on this challenge/contest hereby dubbed the CROMTEST.

flowthrake AT gmail DOT com

Here's what Mr Rapidclix needs to do:
  1. Write me an entry with stats for CROM, a god from the ancient land of CIMMERIA where there are BARBARIAN tribes and much grimness.
  2. Make it about six to nine paragraphs, 3+ sentences long ea.
  3. Detail a little known story (invent it) about CROM taken directly from Cimmerian oral histories.
  4. Describe his mountain fastness. It doesn't have to be a tour -- just some flavor.
  5. What does he loathe? Who does he punish? Who does he reward?
  6. Describe his manifestations.
  7. Do not mention CONAN. (The player characters have to be CONAN)
I've been rummaging through my books, and I noticed that I still have two paperback copies of the first volume in Lin Carter's FLASHING SWORDS! anthology. Check it:

So you can guess where I'm going with this -- the author that takes the challenge gets one of those FS#1s. (They're both in pretty great shape.) I'll send it to you via Media Mail next Thursday (April 4).

Lost Gods & Other Dooms

I will be posting soon about missing text and art. All of the material remaining -- bits and pieces and late submissions of deities and deific matters -- will be published after PETTY GODS as LOST GODS & OTHER DOOMS.


Petty Gods: Minions Design Grist


I grew up in the action-figure bloated 1980s and had my fair share of toys based on Saturday morning cartoon shows [or vise verse] like Thundercats, Transformers, Go-Bots, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, and of course MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. Or simply "He-Man" as it was known to me and my friends.

Years later -- after the fall of the rainbow-barfed Nineties and the dawn of the Internet Age -- I found out that He-Man was originally supposed to be a show about Robert E. Howard's CONAN. This of course got my imagination going back in time and retconning things. What if MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE had been MASTERS OF HYBORIA? And would it be all that different, given the same artists and writers involved?

One of the great things about He-Man is that it was full of really bizarro mooks -- some that existed only in toy form -- like Beastman, Merman, Stinkor, etc., etc. They feared and revered Skeletor -- who was some kind of buff blue lich.

Imagine if the creative content of PETTY GODS inhabited He-Man's world of Eternia. There'd be all kinds of Skeletors. What would their henchmen be like?

Conan mocks us

Petty Gods: Lancer Conan Giveaway

If you know any famous or cult authors that you personally can bring into the PETTY GODS project, then I'll send you my extra, 1st Printing copy of volume one of Howard & de Camp's CONAN series. It's going for about $40 on Amazon, when you can find it at all.

The author you bring in needs to be a professionally published author of fantasy fiction and/or RPG materials. The Lancer CONAN book is my way of saying thanks.

Petty Gods: Minion Idea + Item Idea

Here are two mini-challenges that I'd like to see make it into the book. If you want to draw or write up either of these, comment below.

MINION CONCEPT: Stair Stalkers as the minions of the Petty God of Stairwells. The sacks of coins they carry are offerings for their master. These coins come as tribute from adventurers, given willfully or taken by force. In PG we'll call them STAIRWELL STALKERS to avoid any potential IP disputes with GW.

UPDATE: Igor Sartorato just called dibs on the Stairwell Stalker entry.

ITEM IDEA: Entries for various types of Lotus: Blue, Black, Green, Jale, Ulfire, White, etc. Certain gods might surround themselves with magical plants of this nature.

UPDATER. J. Thompson has this text covered.


Petty Gods: Design Notes 2

  • We've already got one expatriate English author living in the US working on PETTY GODS, why not invite Clive Barker too? I still have half a dozen feelers to send. So far we're at 2 Fails out of 4 Attempts. Not awful.
  • There's a strong possibility that we will have an appendix devoted to the pantheon of Barsoom, provided by Clovis Clithog and Mike Curtis. Multiple attempts are being made to get in touch with Bob Bledsaw II about permission to use his father's original Wilderlands pantheon (in an adjacent appendix, of course). Some of these deities are NOT petty by any stretch, but I think they make solid supplemental and inspirational material that only adds to the book's desirability.
  • Realistically, PETTY GODS may end up being somewhere near 300 pages.
  • I am devoted to the idea of breaking up PG into LBB-sized booklets after the initial all-in-one pdf/book release. Today I got permission from Steve Goodman to do a DCC version of these booklets as well. Same books essentially, just different stat blocks and dice-referencing in some cases.
  • There will be several, tabloid-style ad pages in the back of PETTY GODS. These will be in the same style as those found in the back of old issues of The Dragon. If you would like to see your product advertised in PG, contact me:
flowthrake AT gmail DOT com

Petty Gods: My Godling/Artist Record Sheets


Other deets will be filled in soon.


Petty Gods: Welcome New Artists + PG Art Contest

First of all, a big welcome to Mike Clarke and Len O'Grady. They've jumped aboard the PETTY GODS bandwagon and both happen to work professionally in the RPG and comic book fields. Thanks Mike, Len and all the other artists who have made and are making more great art for PG. Gorgonmilk will be linking to all your sites soon.

Secondly, I have this extra M/NM copy of DEADLANDS: RELOADED in hardcover. This book is going for about $75 on Amazon currently. I'm going to FedEx it to the artist who has the highest number of pieces in PETTY GODS as a way of saying YOU'RE FUCKING AWESOME.

Painting for DEADLANDS: RELOADED cover by none other than Thomas Denmark.

Petty Gods: The Minions of Godlets

I'm sure there are hundreds of ways in which the minion of a godling might come into existence, but two methods come to mind immediately:

1) The Elevated Cultist -- A particular member of a god's cult is transformed into something not-quite-divine but not of the mortal world either.

2) The Spirit-Ally -- Untold numbers of disembodied phantoms exist in this reality and others. Those loyal to higher spirits -- our godlets for instance -- might be rewarded for their service with material bodies -- essentially vehicles to roam the world of mortals and indulge themselves in physical pleasures.

Using the format we've stuck to for godlings, send me a divine minion for inclusion in PETTY GODS. Minions will appear in their own Appendix.

Send to: flowthrake AT gmail DOT com

Petty Gods: Calling All Artists

If you're not officially on board the PETTY GODS 
revival and would like an art assignment sent 
directly to your home through the aetherical 
miracle that is Cyberspace, then 
communicate with Greg Gorgonmilk:

flowthrake AT gmail DOT com 

[As stated elsewhere PETTY GODS will be a freeware document, available in printed versions from RPGNow and/or Lulu. Everybody who has contributed to this work so far is working pro bono, and the Gorgonmilk is not a wealthy man. Consider taking part in this project, if only for shits and giggles.] 

Petty Gods: Update 08

I am at capacity for new godlings! If you're a contributor to the original project begun by James M of Grognardia AND we haven't talked yet, then send me a line. If we've communicated and I know that you've got a godling on the way -- no worries, just send it when it's complete.

And the big news:

I am now in possession of ALL the original material -- thanks especially to PETER GIFFORD. 

Peter [aka Universal Head] was working with James for some time on this project and completed a 150-page draft of PETTY GODS. He is a professional graphic designer -- one responsible for a little site you may have heard about:

Peter contacted James with the offer of doing the layout for Petty Gods in October last year; spent about a month laying out a 150 page book which just needed a final editorial pass before completion and publication; then James dropped off the map.

His blog is called Headless Hollow. As Universal Head, he's known among boardgamers for doing hundreds of quality rules summaries and the graphic design for several games (eg. Tales of the Arabian Nights, Ninjato, Aztlan).

I would like to release Peter's draft here on Gorgonmilk, with his permission. Would you guys be interested in seeing the Original Petty Gods book?

Also this:

I'd really like to get into contact with the artist Chris Huth (he's done a lot of great work for Pelgrane Press). I've commented on his blog but so far have not heard from him. If you know him, please direct him here. I'd love to have Huth on board the PG revival. I'm going to e-mail him today, as well.

I've just been informed that Chris Huth recently lost his home. Hopefully he'll be back on his feet soon.


Let's talk about the frontispiece on PETTY GODS' title page. It's going to be circular a la [art by Trampier]:

The front and back covers of this book -- by Thomas Denmark and Paul Ballard respectively -- are embedded in a primordial forest haunted by weird gods and ruins. I'd like to pull that theme to the frontispiece as well. If you're up to the challenge and have ideas, contact me:

flowthrake AT gmail DOT com


Petty Gods: Want to Proof Read It?

Some of you have already asked to take part in the proofing process. I just started doing up an e-mail list for proofers, and so far I have Tavis, Ark and Rob Conley. If you've already been invited to proof read and I haven't mentioned your name above, please remind me via e-mail and I will make sure you're on the list. If you're just tuning in and want to be a proofer, drop me a line:

flowthrake AT gmail DOT com

I think eight or so proofers is adequate, so this offer is up for a limited time. You will be credited in the book.

Proofers will not only look at grammar and format, they will also be invaluable when it comes to looking at the stat blocks.


PG will be rated R

Parents! Be aware that PETTY GODS will contain images in which the following body parts may be seen:
  • Breasts
  • Priapus
  • Buttocks
  • Labia
  • Pubic hair
  • Non-human sex organs
This is an RPG book intended for use with sword & sorcery style campaigns. So expect a Frazetta-level of raciness to some of the interior illustrations.

Petty Gods: The Clark Ashton Smythos

For the last round of godlings -- and then I'm bricking up the portal till PETTY GODS II -- I'd like to see some deities created by Clark Ashton Smith. I've asked the guys over at FROG GOD GAMES to do up their version of Tsathoggua, and Yhoundeh is being attended to, but there are many more gods who need PG treatments: LINK

Petty Gods: The Jale God Challenge


The Jale God is the PETTY GODS equivalent of Nyarlathotep. They may even be one and the same, but that's an issue for crusty academics. Think cosmic trickster/god of fate/fortune with a sinister bent who is worshiped by depraved cultists.

He attracts followers who have seen their lives shattered by a twist of fate. This is the price of the Jale God, whose dark radiance numbs all pains.

The Jale God loves games of chance. He gambles for souls, bound spirits and fermented nectars.

IƤ! Jaash im raa!

Here's what I want:

  1. The Jale God? Tell me who he is, O wise one.
  2. Roll randomly for alignment: (1-2) Lawful (3-4) Neutral (5-6) Chaotic
  3. Describe one manifestation, i.e. what's he look like?
  4. Stat that greasy pig up.
  5. Send it to Gorgonmilk: flowthrake AT gmail DOT com
The Curse of the Jale God, Im Ra Jash [M-U 3 / C 3] (SAVE Negates)

The target of this doom must be a hated enemy of the caster. This hate must be the result of a long-term loathing or acquired quick and intensely through the heat of battle. 

For 1d6 days x the caster's level, those under the curse must make a daily save vs spell. Failure indicates that  a twist of fate has occurred. Roll 1d6: (1-5) Negative twist -- lower the roll, more severe the consequences; (6) Positive twist. Roll 1d6 (1-3) Money found on the street [1d12 x # rolled gold pieces]; (4-5) Good fortune in combat [+1 to all attack throws for 1 day]; (6) Limited, very carefully worded wish.


Ersatz Gods in the Public Domain

Who are some literary creators of imaginary gods whose work is now considered public domain? I can think of Dunsany and Lovecraft. Machen, I'm told. Ambrose Bierce. What about Clark Ashton Smith? Could we do some CAS gods without having to seek permission?