Isle of the Unknown (LotFP) Review

Isle of the Unknown [IotU] follows that classic Judges Guild format we saw in Carcosa. Geoffrey McKinney once again keys in a massive numbered hex map that describes a vast and often hostile wilderness dotted with mostly small settlements. Short but evocative text explains just what a roving band of PCs might find in each hex location. As a GM I feel that all RPG setting books should include this map-based reference aspect. While it's something Bob Bledsaw and company developed and explored in the 70s, the hexcrawl reaches a weird and phantasmagorical peak in IotU with hundreds of unique and chimeric monstrosities, otherworldly locales and mythologically fashioned magic-users and clerics. If the book has any limitations they may be the recurring references to real world histories and folklore. While I could easily see IotU sharing the same setting as, say, the Caverns of Thracia -- with its Greek and pseudo-Greek props and monsters -- the creative referee may have to tweak it a bit for use in other milieus. But that's less of a criticism than an observation. Like LotFP's Carcosa and Vornheim the Isle is a first-rate RPG product that makes stuff produced by larger companies seem like weak sauce in comparison. ***


Pulpscan: Space Stories, February 1953

Carcosa: Alien Types booklet (contents)

Type I: Insectoid
Type II: Shape Changer (Cone Ship Pilot)
Type III: Reptilian Humanoid (Capsule Ship Pilot)
Type IV: Invisible Humanoid
Type V: Vampire
Type VI: Mind Eater (Extradimensional)
Type VII: Gray Humanoid (Saucer Ship Pilot)
Type VIII: Ancient Robot (think Marvel's/Kirby's Celestials)

Appendix A: Alien artifacts
Appendix B: The alien colony (scenario)
Appendix C: Unusual and valuable minerals found on Carcosa

Appendix D: Tables (d30 alien motivation table; behavior table; etc)
Appendix N: Recommended reading


Carcosa: Space Aliens Query

Been jotting down ideas pertaining to a booklet concerning Carcosan alien visitors. So far I've had some interesting and great responses through e-mails.* I was wondering what OSR fandom in general thinks about this question: 

What sort of alien(s) would "fit" in your Carcosa campaign?
(a) Grays
(b) Kirby-esque science-fantasy race(s)
(c) Fortean monsters
(d) Other [please describe]
(e) A combination of the above
(f) Both (d) and (e)

* Ggmlk e-mail: flowthrake AT gmail DOT com