Gearing Up For X-Plorations

A Completely Fabricated Interview
with G. Gorgonmilk, Esq.

J. DOE [JD]: There's been a prolonged lull in activity on this blog. What gives, man?

GREG GORGONMILK [GG]: The lull is approximately 67% the fault of my new and keerazy work schedule. It makes me sad when I realize that massive amounts of time are being eaten away due to me behaving responsibly. I humbly apologize for any inconvenience that the slumber of Gorgonmilk might have caused.

JD: Huh. That's not very interesting. So what are you reading? Have you been gaming at all?

GG: Not much gaming but a lot of fleeting thoughts about setting ideas. My X-Plorers boxed set will probably show up tomorrow, so my thoughts have naturally been leaning toward pulp sf/space opera ideas.

JD: What sort of visual inspiration are these ideas drawing from?

GG: Chris Foss mostly. 

While the ships above are beautiful and convoluted and glossy (at least the colored ones) the real imagination-food is found in the sort of worlds they suggest. I imagine a vast interstellar region of commerce and travel between Vancian planet-states. Maybe a touch of Moebius and H. R. Giger as well. I don't want lots of crazy space-faring aliens so much as I want extinct alien environments -- dungeon-worlds, essentially, that are rife with possibilities. Mountains of Madness in Space. 

The Space Madness
JD: Is this going to be a gritty/realistic foray or something more Super-Science-y?

GG: Something like a mish-mushy blendering of Blade Runner/Alien/Terminator/Brazil sort of dystopian, cybernetic, paranoiac scenario.

JD: So when are you going to do another community project?

GG: Technically we still have to finish D20 DRAFTS before I can really put my heart-soul into another one. We've got some awesome entries so far, but there is room for a good deal more.


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