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A Magic-User's Eye-View of the Jandeline Campaign

"Portal maps reveal the trans-aetheric connections between a select group of material and sub-material planes (realities) which are represented as circles [sizes are analogous to the relative flow of time -- the larger the circle, the slower the flow]. The lines connecting the planes represent trans-aetheric corridors -- magical tunnels that bind two disparate planar localities." -- from Slephnod's commentary on the Aetherography of Dzyan


Myonolom, the Cyclops of Jandeline

MYONOLOM. Elder Cyclops Lord of Jandeline's Fungal Chasm and the Halls of Panagoth

STATUS: Exalted Member of a Dying Race
NO. APPEARING: 1 [of 3d3 remaining Elders]
ARMOR CLASS: 0 [thick scabrous hide]
MOVE: 30"
HIT DICE: 8d8 [regenerates d4 / 3 rounds]
% IN LAIR: 85%
% LIAR: 50%
DAMAGE/ATTACK: By weapon type +1d12
SPECIAL ATTACK: Psionic Eye Beam [see below]
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Randomized Telepathic Barrier [see below]
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Evil
SIZE: L [15' tall]
FLAT XP VALUE: 33,333 +3/HP

Myonolom  is regarded as a god among the Ogre-Magicians* of the Acid Slick. His origins are murky. Traditionally the cyclops is called the eldest son of Tsykus, the doomed Lord of Giants who ruled the Riddled Mountains that fell into the void so many aeons ago. In fact he may be nothing more than a vagabond from some remote drifting territory**. The creature resides deep under Jandeline's crust, beneath the ruined Halls of Old Panagoth in a place called the Fungal Chasm, where the humanoid remnants of Panagothian society still reside at this time. It is served by the Ogre Priest, Tlomethix, and his seven sons and three daughters who have been deformed by time and natal exposure to Jandeline's green radiance. They bring Myonolom offeriings of food every three XR [Xulx Rotation, local unit of time measurement, roughly equivalent to two days in campaign time.] These offerings consist of snake-fish, tunnel-worms and fattened ogre infants and women -- all in rationed amounts and prepared according to eldritch recipes.

PSIONIC EYE BEAM: A focused telepathic blast that paralyzes the target with deep loathing and fear for 1d6 rounds [no save; successful WIS check will break paralysis after one round; failed roll = paralysis in effect for full term of 1d6 roll]

RANDOMIZED TELEPATHIC BARRIER: A shimmering and fragmented field of augmented inertia that Myonolom can maintain for 3 turns provided he makes no physical attacks. Any non-magical attacks directed at the cyclops are modified by -5 while the barrier is up.

Myonolom is reputed to have a vast treasure of antiquities dating back to the Third Aeon.
*OGRE-MAGICIANS: Ugly humanoids who ply Jandeline's emerald Acid Slick for snake-fish and silver crabs to sell at the Black Pig's Market located beyond the Mirror Portal.
**DRIFTING TERRITORY: A plane-fragment hurtling through the Aetheric at the speed of thought.