Vancian Magic Supplement

I've heard that folks are looking for the Vancian Magic Supplement. It had been quietly removed along with the back issues of the Underworld Lore zine due to the loosey-goosey approach to copyrights I took early in my zine-making career. I've since become slightly more cautious. No money was ever charged for any of these early fan-works, for the record.

Against my better judgment I'm offering VMS again, just for a short period. Click on the cover below to download the pdf.



AVAILABLE NOW: Wormskin #6

Steamrolling the competition into a few #1 spots at RPGNow! Excelsior!
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  • The sixteen Lords and Ladies of Fairy who concern themselves with the mortal realm of Dolmenwood.
  • The Brackenwold calendar.
  • Descriptions of seven hexes around the town of Prigwort, in central Dolmenwood.
  • The most important people and places of Prigwort.
  • Spirituous beverages generator.
  • The Baker's Dozen: an adventure locale involving an enchanted bakery and its thirteen inhabitants.
  • The Gingerbread Grimoire: four spells of yeast and spice.
  • Monsters of the Wood: kelpie, black bile wyrm, phlegm wyrm, blood wyrm, yellow bile wyrm.



We've got two new Dolmenwood publications appearing soon on RPGNow that I'm pretty excited about. On one hand, there's the first official Dolmenwood module, The Weird That Befell Drigbolton. It will be available in PDF and both soft- and hardcover deadtree versions. Gavin Norman -- the Wood's co-creator -- took our initial creative jam session notes for this bizarre adventure and ran with them here. Andrew Walter's quixotic visions are poured on generously whilst Kelvin Green provides detailed floor plans and cartography. I could not be more pleased. Those readers keen on obtaining more Dolmenwood esoterica will definitely find it in Drigbolton.

NEXT, there's a PDF-only gloss called Welcome to Dolmenwood that succinctly covers all the entry-level D-wood concerns, such as player character races, major power groups, important locales, etc.